E por falar em MCs…

March 14, 2006

… não é que o MC Hammer tem um blog pessoal… loooool!

Ver aqui.

U can’t touch this!


3 Responses to “E por falar em MCs…”

  1. Bela Bambina Says:

    That is so hilarious!! I logged on…obvioulsy still wanting to cling on to his celebrity status!

    Er…how is it that you came across this by the way?!!

  2. Ric Jo Says:


    Hey! Nice having you around here!

    From what I read on his blog, he’s preparing a come-back. Can you imagine having MC Hammer still around the charts in the year 2006?! Geeeseee!!

    I just explore the blogosphere and bumped in to it some days ago! Couldnt believe my eyes! ;)

  3. vanessa Says:

    pray…praaaaay!!!:) lol

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