Fala quem sabe…

October 21, 2005

José Mourinho Dixit…
“Despite finding themselves placed nine points clear at the top of the table Mourinho beleives the triumvirate still represent a threat – and tipped Martin Jol’s impressive Tottenham side to claim a UEFA Cup spot at the least this season.”

“Tottenham for me will be fighting for fourth position (que dá acesso à Champions League), why not?”

“For sure a big improvement, for sure in UEFA competition next season, I have no doubts about that.”

“Between four and six Tottenham will be there, but fight for the title not yet.”

Resto da entrevista de Mourinho

Sir Alex Ferguson Dixit…
“Spurs philosophy has always been the right one, that’ why I’m pleased to see them at second-top.”

“I think they deserve to get success as they’ve always played the right way.”

Resto da entrevista de Ferguson

Para uma equipa cujos dias de grandes glórias se situam há muitas décadas atrás, são concerteza passos na direcção correcta! COME ON YOU SPURS!! ;)


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